Sunday, September 20, 2009

Article Marketing Strategies that Sell

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to and sell your products or service is by using great article marketing strategies. Some steer away from article writing because they are unaware of how to write effectively or in a way that will motivate readers to buy.  A reader may be turned off from making a purchase if you show that you are mainly interested in selling.  However, writing articles can be easy if you make the effort to strategize.  Here are some guidelines to take into consideration when writing to sell:

1.  Think about what the prospect needs.  What problems do they have.  Perhaps they would like to know how to use the product or service.  In this case you can give step by step instructions on how they can use it.  Readers will appreciate your detailed explanation and thus be more motivated to buy.

2. What are the benefits of using the product/service or what everyday problem does it solve?  Choose a given problem that the products or services are used for and write detailed articles on why using it is best for solving the issue.

3. Write a review of the product or service.  Do not hesitate to mention the good and the bad.  Perhaps there was one particular aspect of the offer you did not like.  Don't forget to mention that.  Taking this approach will show the reader that you have had real life experience using the product/service.

4.  Write articles about your own personal experience.  This approach is a testimonial of how the offer has changed your life for the better.  Prospects are more apt to purchase if they see that others have benefited from using the product or service.  When using this approach try to incorporate one of the afore mentioned strategies, since potential customers are often looking for solutions to a problem.

5.  One final approach to article marketing is to point out other solutions to the problem.  How will this make a sale?  Well,  not only will you point them to other solutions but you will also mention the down side to using those solutions  to solve the problem.  Then you can mention why your product or service tops all others in the market.

I am sure one of these article marketing strategies will help you to increase the selling of your product or service.  Remember to think about the potential customers need and do not appear desperate to sell.


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